Campus Prayer Gatherings and Outreach 2020

Join us for the memories of our Campus Prayer Gatherings from August 23, 2020. We had an incredible time gathering on 13 different school campuses throughout 2 counties as we prayed over this upcoming school year. Then on Monday, we delivered TONS of school supplies to our local elementary schools, along with baskets filled with chocolate for the teachers and staff!

Join us, Sunday afternoon, August 23rd at 3:00pm as we gather at each of our school campus locations across St. Francis County! This is an open invitation for each and everyone to be a part of this powerful prayer gathering, as we lift up our schools, administrators, staff, teachers, students and parents in prayer! Help us spread the word! Below, is a copy of our Prayer Guide, and our Campus Locations.

Digital Lobby

Beginning July 29th, join us online at 10:15am for our Digital Lobby! We will begin our LIVE Broadcast at 10:15am and give everyone on opportunity to get online and say ‘hey’ to everybody before our services begin at 10:30am!! Take this chance to “meet and greet” our online family, then make sure that you ‘CHECK IN‘ on Facebook (for those that are on campus). Let’s take this opportunity to make our online family feel welcome! Remember our connection points of: LIKE, LOVE, CARE & SHARE! Be sure to SHARE all of our online broadcasts to help spread the Gospel here in the Delta!

Campus Prayer Gatherings

Please make plans to join Ridgewood as we gather at all of our local school campuses and pray over our staff and students. Prayer teams will be assigned to each campus. Currently, this is scheduled for Sunday Afternoon, August 23rd, Specific times will post soon. In Arkansas, schools are currently scheduled to begin on Monday August 24th, and we want to be sure to cover all of our staff and students with prayer for this coming school year. Everyone is invited to join us.

Our Re-Entry Continue…

Our Re-Entry back into our Ridgewood Campus continues! Beginning in August, we will add two of our gatherings back on campus! Starting Sunday morning, August 2nd, we will begin having Sunday School starting at 9:30am. We will ALL gather in our sanctuary, for one large group (including children). No children’s classes or nursery at this time.

Beginning Wednesday, August 5th, we will resume having our Wednesday Night Bible Study on campus, starting at 6:30pm. Same as Sunday School, we will ALL gather in one large group in our sanctuary (including children). Our Wednesday Night Bible Study will also continue to be broadcast online.

While attending our on campus services, please remember to use social distancing guidelines, no physical contact outside of the family unit, masks are optional but recommended. Sanitizing stations and additional masks are available at our entrances.

Campfire Bible Study

Come and hang out with us THIS THURSDAY, May 21st, for our Campfire Bible Study! We’re going to meet on our back campus, around our fire pit, as Johnny Smith leads our Bible Study! Seating is available, however bring your lawn chairs if you would like! We will do our best to practice social distancing! Going to be great! Pray for great weather!

We’re Coming Home!

Dearest Ridgewood Family!

First, let me say that I love you, and I miss you more than you will ever realize!  Making the decision in March to sacrifice our on-campus meetings was by far one of the hardest decisions that I’ve ever been a part of.  However, we have watched as God has blessed us with a large broadcast ministry that continues to reach hundreds each week!  He has also blessed us as Tithes have continued to be mailed in each week, and we have been instrumental in providing hundreds of masks to those serving on the front lines of this pandemic, all over the United States.  And for those things and many more, I am eternally grateful! 

Since our quarantine began, I have been praying and seeking God’s face for wisdom and guidance as I knew that one day soon, we would gather again together to worship our loving God, study His Word, and to fellowship with one another on the Ridgewood Campus.  I have been in contact with our deacons during this time, and we have prayed and processed many ways and strategies as to how to accomplish this task.  Then on this past Monday, Governor Hutchinson released his latest guidelines for places of worship during this Phase #1 of reentry.  Last evening, the deacons and myself met to finalize our strategy for our immediate future.  It is after much prayer and processing that we have one thing to say to our Ridgewood Family:


Until further notice, the deacons and I are in complete agreement that this is the direction we feel is best for our Ridgewood Family:

Sunday Morning:  Drive In / Outdoor Church on our back parking lot…BEGINNING SUNDAY, MAY 17th.

  • This would look similar to our original Drive-In Church model. 
  • We will also broadcast our service on Facebook LIVE.
  • We will have a trailer beside our Storage Building that will serve as our stage. 
  • Vehicles will be parked as before, but we will do our best to park 6’ a part.
  • Anyone that would choose to, can stay in their vehicle.
  • Or, if a family so chooses, they can bring lawn chairs and sit as a family unit by their vehicle.
  • We want to reserve the closest parking spots for families with children.
  • Bring your favorite coffee, tea and snacks, and enjoy worship!
  • Please refrain from going up to other vehicles. 
  • If you have had recent fever, symptoms or contact with a COVID-19 positive patient, please stay home and watch our Facebook Broadcast. 
  • If you do not feel safe at this time to get out, we completely understand! Please watch our online broadcast. 
  • As you exit after the service, please drive under our canopy’s to drop your tithes and offerings in our Contribution Tubs. 
  • In the event of potential inclement weather, we will broadcast on Facebook LIVE only. 

Wednesday Nights:  Facebook LIVE broadcast ONLY.

Sunday School:

  • We will continue with our Tuesday night ZOOM Sunday School, led by Bro. Larry Jones.  Everyone is invited to join!  ZOOM Invitations are posted on Facebook at 6:50pm with ZOOM Sunday School beginning at 7:00pm.
  • We are currently exploring additional opportunities for online engagement for Sunday School.

All activities inside our church complex are cancelled until further notice. 

Please know that our decisions were made to make sure that:

  • The spread of the Gospel remains unhindered.
  • This safety of our church family is our priority.
  • We remain a safe example and opportunity of worship to our community.

Ridgewood, I am beyond ready to begin this journey with you.  As was the children of Israel in the Book of Exodus, we are now on the move.  The Promised Land is in sight.  Let’s stay focused!  It won’t be long!

Much Love To You!

Pastor Jim