Digital Lobby

Beginning July 29th, join us online at 10:15am for our Digital Lobby! We will begin our LIVE Broadcast at 10:15am and give everyone on opportunity to get online and say ‘hey’ to everybody before our services begin at 10:30am!! Take this chance to “meet and greet” our online family, then make sure that you ‘CHECK IN‘ on Facebook (for those that are on campus). Let’s take this opportunity to make our online family feel welcome! Remember our connection points of: LIKE, LOVE, CARE & SHARE! Be sure to SHARE all of our online broadcasts to help spread the Gospel here in the Delta!

Published by Ridgewood Baptist Church

We’re an exciting church, located in the heart of the Arkansas Delta! Here, you’ll find a warm and loving atmosphere...casual setting...activities for all ages...blended worship...powerful messages...ample opportunities for ministry and missions...and plenty of room for you and your family to grow and serve! If you’re looking for answers from the Bible...opportunities to get involved, or looking for a new church home, come see us!

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